Wiggybird’s Ethics Statement

Wiggybird’s Forward Motion is the original writing and property of Kelly J. McCoy, unless stated otherwise. All material not belonging to me will be credited to the author and/or source of the material. This includes photos, artwork (including cartoons), written work, including quotations, video, music or anything gathered from the internet or other sources. I will always use this information with permission of the source and will not use material that has been pirated or has other shady ramifications. Copyright laws will be respected and I will not plagiarize.
If you are kind enough to read my blog, you will not be required to post or sign up for anything. Keep in mind that anything used from Google will be ruled by the Google privacy policy and you should read any privacy policies from them or any other outside service used in conjunction with my blog. As a writer I will respect your input. Anything you submit will be appreciated and accepted in the nature it is received and I will care for it as I would my own.
With that being said, please realize that as this is the first time I have ever written a blog, or indeed, posted in one; it should be understood that this is all new territory for me and I will be learning as I go along. This ethics statement may be added to as this adventure goes along. Thank you in advance for your patience, your criticism and your time.
My blog will not share any of your information to any third parties without your express written permission. WordPress.org, where Wiggybird’s Forward Motion currently lives, has its own privacy policy which you should be mindful of and is available at http://wordpress.org/about/privacy/


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