An introduction…of sorts

Welcome to my world.  This blog will attempt to paint a picture of my life as it is now and reflections on my past and my hopes and dreams for the future.  I am 51 years old.  I started this formal educational journey at 50; however, I have had quite an informal education in the form of life.  It has been a bumpy but extremely enjoyable ride and I wouldn’t trade anything or anyone in my life (well, maybe a few).  My one true regret would is that I didn’t start this adventure much earlier.  I sometimes feel I’ll never have enough time to learn everything I want to learn, but I’m sure that is true for someone who started this path when they were younger, as well.  During a conversation with my best friend, she said that it was hard being middle aged.  I remarked that at 50, I was only middle aged if I made it to 100.  Truly it was the impetus I needed to kick start this degree plan.

I never realized how important it was to me to be able to communicate my thoughts and feelings to others.  In the process of “finding myself” (God, I hate that term!), I have discovered so many things about Kelly J. Lynch-McCoy.  Some of the things I have learned haven’t been the greatest discoveries; however, they have been pretty amusing.  Which brings me to the subject matter of this blog…I am a 50 year old wife, mother to my pride and joy, Kayla, and friend to many.  I have a 19 month old great nephew, Ronan, that is my constant companion and source of such joy, it is impossible to measure,  that lives with me, along with his amazing  Mom and Dad, Mary and Matt.  So, I will post updates, anecdotes and comment on items from the news and entertainment industry.  Stories, both fictional and non-fictional, stories to delight the senses are what I will attempt to produce in this blog.  And…the adventure continues…



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